About Bees and Florets

About Bees and Florets

Hello everyone, I want to introduce myself. I am BinchenChaos, my real life name is Sabine, my friends call me Bine what sounds like the german word for Bee.

I live near Grapeseed at the bottom of Mount Chiliad, I have an apartment in the city too but i prefer the country life. That´s cuz my biggest passion is gardening. I spend lot of my time with seeding, watering plants and waitin to bring in the harvest.


I know what you think: “Oh that´s how she finances her lifestyle.” But no i smoke them all by myself. For my money i gotta work for this Madrozo guy like you all.

Often when I am going to town I drive my beloved Akuma and listen to the sounds of Blue Ark. On some days I make a stop at my favorite shops Doctor Kush and Smoke on the Water to watch out for new stuff.


My world doesn´t revolve just around weed, i am very interested in political stuff too. I think a fairer world is possible, that´s why I demonstrate with the guys from the commune for social justice.


Most of the time i am a very chilled and peacefull person, but there is also a crazy bad ass chick insde me who wants come out, so you often meet me at Teamdeathmatches.

Some time ago I joined a crew called Pussi Riot and they are really amazing. I enjoy hanging up with my new crewmembers and reading their posts. I am glad to be a part of PUSSI RIOT!!!


  • Name:  BinchenChaos
  • Age: 28 years
  • Relationship Status: in a relationship
  • Sex: Female
  • Interested in:  gardening, music, my Akuma, TDM
  • Religious Views: Karma is a bitch!
  • Political Views: socialist, anarchist
  • About:  from Austria, vegetarian, happy in love, GTA-Junk

 Mary Jane


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