Rise of the foot soldier…

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You don’t demand respect…you earn it!

Wow. If you’d have told me when I accepted the invitation to join Pussi Riot, that I would one day be made Commissioner, I would’ve pulled your hair, slapped your face and gouged out your eyes…then run over you in ‘The Beast’! And yet here we are… Blondie…as Commissioner of Pussi Riot!

Still can’t get my head around it to be perfectly honest, when I consider my humble beginnings among the muscle of the crew. When I joined I wasn’t very good at anything in particular. I sucked at racing (I still do, but then y’all know that), I couldn’t shoot straight (GTA5 was waaaay more frantic than Red Dead Redemption) and my ability to die in outrageous and comedic ways, didn’t really paint me as a badass (more of an asshat or assclown)! But that was okay with me, I wasn’t playing GTA online to become some sort of super racer or dead eye assassin, I was playing to have fun. 

I was sort of happy with that reputation. I’m pretty laid back in real life and have a rep for being fun to be around and such, so I was happy as a pig in poop to start getting friend requests from my new crew mates. Apparently, I was doing something right!

From that moment onward, I was in and I wasn’t going to let down my crew by doing things in half measures. I was 100% Riot and I promised I would do all I could to help Backof and Randy achieve their vision for their crew. Every promotion that followed that moment came because I worked for it. I put the time in and I got the reward. It was a very simple transaction and one I was happy to hold up my end of.

blondie rise

Since those wild early days, knowing what it takes to gain promotion has never been clearer. Backof has actually published an article on this very blog laying out the consideration points for it, so we all know what we’re aiming for. But perhaps the most important thing that’s changed since I first joined, is that YOU GALS get to have direct input on who’s deserving of the promotion too!

When Backof told me, that I was gonna be made Commissioner, she sent me the messages she’d received through this blog in favour of the motion via the “rank up” page. I was seriously dumbstruck. Firstly there were quite a few and secondly all of them were really passionate about how much I deserved it (you gals know who you are and I’ll do my best to repay your faith). If you hadn’t of voted for me, I would have had a hard time accepting it (I’m just wired that way).

We’re a crew who puts the power firmly in your hands. We want you girls telling us who you want to be promoted, what projects you’d like us to try as a crew, what activities you want at our monthly get together etc. We’re not the sort of bosses to sit on top of Olympus eating grapes, grooming our flying unicorns while we tell you what guns to use, what cars to drive or what clothes to wear! This is YOUR game, YOUR crew and we want that experience to be the best that it can be for YOU!

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After a bit of thought, we’ve decided to make all of our promotions the day after our monthly get togethers. Why’s that I hear you cry? Well, for one thing it’s kind of a cool way to begin a new month in The Riot. But most importantly, it lets the next clutch of aspiring reps and lieutenants know what has come before them and what they’re shooting for.

This crew is all about having fun and hanging out with like minded players. But it’s also a crew where you get back what you put in. We’re so lucky in this crew to have really inspired, really motivated people who continue to surprise and enthrall us with their dedication to representing and spreading the Pussi Riot name. The uptake on new blog writers has gone through the roof, each one of you bringing your own ideas and individual style to an already colourful blog. You’ve got Pixelpuss organising and directing awesome photo shoots involving multiple members. Muhmuh creating their deck of character cards. Then you’ve got members working on REALLY BIG projects behind closed doors which when they’re revealed will blow your godamn mind. I cannot tell you  how strongly enough, how much all of their dedication rocks my world.

So then, back to the point of the article (which I keep getting sidetracked from in all my excitement). Your experience in this crew is what you make of it. We love playing with each and everyone of you, getting to know how you play and what makes you tick. From that we can get an idea of what you bring to the table but also your fellow rioters do too! If you make the impression, then someone is going to take note and maybe just maybe, recommend you for promotion!

ANYONE of you can achieve ANYTHING you want, if you step up and show people what you’ve got. So next time you get an invite to the ‘Team Death Match Tryout’ or read an article on this blog and get inspired to do your own. Do it! You never know where it may lead.

Have a read of the article on this blog about getting promotion within the crew and see what you think. Are you the next rep/Lt/Commish in waiting?

Love and kisses




4 thoughts on “Rise of the foot soldier…

  1. A really heartfelt and warm appraisal of the joys of been in Pussi Riot there Blondie. You definitely deserve to be where you are in the crew hierarchy. Why aren’t there more leaders like yourself, Randy, Hurri and Backof in the real world? Just think how wonderful the world would be if we had leaders who really cared as much as you gals do! Pussi Riot Forever!!

  2. That was a great article. I look forward to the YouTube page and all the new things that make PR unique. I am so impressed with this website and the devotion of PR brass and muscle. My experience with PR has been outstanding. When I created my character not very long ago, I wanted to find a crew named Pussy Riot. I had no clue it would be more than just a name. My other character is a ligit rank of 180 and Im top 8 of over 500 members, but there is no real unity or togetherness. This gameis fun and being part of PR has made it more fun than ever. I’ve said it before, I actually feel very proud to roll with you ladies. Pussi Riot Rules!

  3. This is a great article! What an awesome recollection of how you got where you are vs where you started. I am truly honored to now be a part of this crew as there is no “I” or “Me” in team.

  4. I’m not even apart of this crew but I am so desperately trying to be. I love how much you guys interact and engage with each other and I badly want to be apart of it. I’ve been looking at you guys’ blog page and everything, just trying to get an idea of what you guys are about. I’ve been looking for a crew for forever and I hope that you guys accept my request! I’m janique_drue on PS3 and PS4 ! 😀

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