Kati is English. Completely and utterly English . She swears by the Queen, Lady Di, The Beatles, Dr Who and fish and ships. Since arriving in this sunny city, she’s run from one surprise to an other and is amused by the strange behavior of it’s violent population.

English childhood

Although she was born in the famous Vercetti family who had ruled over Vice City in the 80’s, she was sent to Europe to study in the most prestigious British universities. The Vercetti family has money and Kati’s suitcases were filled with it to spend on goods.

She received a wonderful education in old England, learning good manners and adopting a very British humor. After brilliant economic studies, Kati was quickly hired by a financial brokerage firm, and began to ascend the ladder of success. She made a successful career of it, full of financial blows, sleepless nights, white powder and sexual follies.

A fresh start

Unfortunately, this golden period ended abruptly when the brokerage firm accused her of misappropriating funds. A phone call  later and she was on the first plane to Los Santos for a fresh start .

First view of the new home, sweet home…

You must understand the disappointment in her first contact with the indigenous population of Los Santos: no manners, a propensity to use their gun faster than a smile, the car chases (and driving on the right? shocking! ) and worst of all the streets are infested with heavily armed tanks who spend their time producing fireworks!

Then, like any good subject for her gracious majesty, she learned to handle these big guns, full of sound and fury. She acquired a gun, then two, then a rifle, then an assault rifle and finally a pump action shotgun with scope.

kati_sang_0_0Sometimes, shooting people destroys your make-up !

Family, I love you all !

Like any expatriate, Kati started looking for friends in his adopted city. The beginnings were difficult, as the people of Los Santos were selfish and quick to explain the meaning of life with gun shot …

sam230_0Cousin Sam, the typical and lovely californian surfer !

After a while she met other expatriates, all lost in this big city, but with whom she has now come  a long way and spent a good time. But the Vercetti family caught up rapidly with the impromptu arrival of surfer cousin Samantha and more recently Kati’s twin sister, from whom she was separated at birth and found as a miracle of the Pope!

Sister Scuba, recently found in a store… Twins, isn’t it ?

Search of its origins

Since then, Kati has only one idea in mind: to find the person responsible for this separation. She returned to Liberty City (via Liberty City Stories on PSVita), where she has contacts. Her investigation is progressing slowly but surely and looks pretty close to a conclusion. Breaking news very soon…


  • NameKati, Kati Vercetti.
  • Birthday: My age is classified data.
  • Relationship StatusTry it, but it’s not easy.
  • SexAnytime. Anywhere. With anybody (both sides). But with sweet romance!
  • Interested inREVENGE !
  • Religious Views: Protestant religion, maybe it’s because a lot of people find me as a cold woman.
  • Political Views: Who cares ? Liberal views have finally won!
  • AboutI cannot pilot a plane without crashing it somewhere. I love to ride the streets, with good music, in a good convertible, with a good friend… to look for someone to kill (or not).

All information get by Chris, official bio-writer of “Famiglia Vercetti”


2 thoughts on “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN KATI !

  1. My dearest twin. How lovely it is to finally read the story of your life as it answers many if not all the questions that I have. My own life as you know has been full of inconsistencies that I needed answers to which since our re-union now makes sense. So we were both born in Vice City – I did not know this! I guess from that – although you did not say, means that our father is really Tony Vercetti? And who is mummy? Are they both still alive? If so are you still in contact? As I’m sure you already know as we have that lovely twin telepathy thing going on 😉 that I dearly need to be re-united with my real parents and other family members. Perhaps we could take your jet together at the weekend? Please don’t crash and kill us both on route though! Perhaps if Tony hadn’t been such a drunk back in the day then he would have realised that the owner of that club he frequented was actually his own daughter. Mind you I would have been in disguise at the time for reasons of my own personal safety.
    Anyway how nearer are you now to finding the perpetrator of the lie? It’s such a shame that the PSP doesn’t have a Snapmatic facilty as then I could see his face!! GRRR I want you dear twin to entice him with your sexy little ways back to Los Santos. Then the Vercetti twins can take their revenge together. And dear cousin Sammy and Agent Blond can take the photos to show the world that The Vercetti twins can never be messed with again!!

    Lots of love,
    from your dear sister,
    Scuba x

  2. My dear sister. I undestand your hurry but i need time to be sure about our past. I spend a lot of time to watch pictures and videos from 80’s… I’m very close to find what it was going on and to reveal to the world the scandal ! A lot of very known people seem to be involved but i need to be sure of my information before accuse anyone. Once everything will be clear, weapons will talk !
    See ya lovely hal of my soul 🙂

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