Pimped Out Rides – Loving my new carbonizzare…..

I know its only been a few days having this beauty but…

I have fallen in love with her!  I was just taking a stroll one day in my neighborhood, and saw this gorgeous car parked outside my apartment, and had a “FOR SALE” sign on it. Really???? Who would want to sell her???? I had lost my eyes in heaven!!!

Pacific Ocean

She has 60% armour, dual exit exhaust, stock horn, xenon lights, lozspeed MK.V wheels, sport suspension, street brakes, level 1 EMS upgrade,  orange tire smoke, limo tinted windows…..she is also GREAT at drifting.

Vespucci Beach

I’m pretty good with cars. I know how to keep them clean and in great shape! Not one of my cars are scratched! My mechanic Anthony took a look at it right after I bought it. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. The day I laid my eyes on her, was the day my heart was taken.

My mechanic thinks i’m crazy because I am so IN LOVE (I slept in this gorgeous car, that doesn’t make me crazy!!!).


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