The Vercetti Twins – Mom and Dad on the Party !

My Dear Twin Sister Scuba.C.Vercetti,

After much effort I have finally find an exceptional video document. You will see Daddy (Tommy Vercetti) first meet with your mum (Mercedes Cortez, daughter of Colonel Cortez)! They first met together at a party on the Cortez Yacht in the March 18th, 1986, where many of the most famous people of Vice City were invited.

Mercedes asked to Tommy to bring her back in to town. From that moment, a long and beautiful love story began to unfold…

Scuba, see your mum, see your dad ! I’m sure you will be glad to be child of such a beautiful couple !

Kati is exploring the past for you, my lovely sister. The time is coming when you will know everything about your past…

See you sweetie !
Kisses from Vice City !

Kati, your no longer lonely sister


2 thoughts on “The Vercetti Twins – Mom and Dad on the Party !

  1. I cried sweet tears when I found this letter from you on my doorstep this morning dear twin sister. The fact that you have gone to so much effort to find me this old Betamax tape proves to me that even though the perpetuated lie kept us apart for so long, it can never tear us apart again. I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that I will do for you in kind what you have done for me. When you are done with digging for information in Vice City and have lured the culprit back to Los Santos for us to enact our sweet yet ultimately slow and painful twins revenge on the little shit, I will help you to regain your financial composure! I have good contacts in Los Santos. My friend Pope who I know from my coastal salvage days knows some guy called Madrazo who can get us some well paid work. So you can join us in our quest for filthy lucre.
    As much as I love you sweet heart, I feel that you are still hiding some awful truth from me. Call it sisterly sixth sense or a totalitarian twin telepathy
    but I feel you are trying to protect me from the awful truth that something tragic has happened to our parents and grand parents! If my suspicions are correct then you must not hide this from me any longer.
    For it can only mean one thing –


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