Devil of the streets

Devil of the streets!


Pay attention to the Dinka Akuma. The Akuma in Japanese “Devil” or “Demon” is based on the Ducati Streetfighter.


Akuma is also a video game character from the Street Fighter series. Akuma made his debut in Super Street Fighter II Turbo as a secret character and hidden boss.


The Akuma is the best vehicle to rob a store and get your ass away quickly. The police has no chance to catch you if you’re ridin’ on the devil. With 100% armor upgrade and bulletproof tires the bike is almost undestroyable.

At motorcycle races you have the best chances to win if you drive the Akuma, this bike has an amazing speed up.

Get a move on and check your own Akuma, you will never sit in traffic again, you can just whoosh by.



2 thoughts on “Devil of the streets

  1. Yeah ! I agree with you. This bike is fast, easy to control and have a great look. That’s for devils’ girls ! Definitively, what we all are… By the way, mine is not at the same level, need to upgrade armor by example… See you on bike Sweetie !

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