March Crew Get Together Activities – Results Are In


Drum roll please, because it’s that time of the month again where we announce the results of the Crew Party Activities poll!!

First off thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. It’s you who shape how these events play out and once again you gals didn’t disappoint in your frenzied voting.

This month we threw in some exciting news choices alongside some of the long time favourites.  The results were a mix of both as you’ll see and included one of the new ones which is sure to become a firm favourite.

Here are the results:


Really looking forward to the mountain biking part because if any of you have had the pleasure of playing Samantha  Vercetti’s mountain bike playlist, you’ll know what insanity can go down. For those of you who haven’t, then you’re gonna be in for a treat!

The party will be over 4 hours held on Friday the 28th of March and it looks like it will be a full lobby for the whole event too due to the number of responses. We are look at maybe even running 2 lobbies…

We’ll be releasing more details of the itinerary over the coming week.


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