The Pussi Riot Team Deathmatch squad update


We are progressing we the tryouts. We now have 50% of the team decided. There are still spaces left so please keep trying. Its not to late to cement a place in the squad.

Here is a breakdown of the squad and elements that make up the team:



A fireteam is a military unit of infantry. It is the second smallest unit in the military. This is going to be our smallest team and our pointy sharp spearhead. These are like the Forwards in a football team who score all the goals and get all the girls. The roster will contain 4 team members working in pairs.

  • 4 x Special operatives (expert close quarters & stealth experts)

I am yet to announce who will make up fireteam as we still need 1 more close quarters expert.


Strike Section:

A [Strike] Section is a small military unit. In many armies, it is a squad of 6-12 soldiers but it our squad we are having 5 crew members. These crew members are the all-rounder’s who can handle close-quarters but also excel at medium range and heavy weapons PLUS are able to work ad-hoc’ly utilising their improvisation skills. All members will be expected to step up and get involved, supporting the Fireteam.

Our Section will consist of:

  • 2 x Commando (stealth experts)
  • 3 x Trooper (close combat skills, heavy weapons & Sniping)

So far a couple of members have stood out but I do not believe I have seen enough of you guys. There are places are still up for grabs. So keep tryin!


Sniper Cell:

A sniper cell consists of a sniper/s, force protection elements and support personnel such as a spotter. The support members fulfil multiple roles. While the sniper/s fires the shot. The spotter/s assists in observation of targets, handles ancillary tasks such as immediate security of the location & communication with other parties.

This is the hardest unit to put together. Our sniper contingent will consist of:

  • 2 x Shooters
  • 2 x Communications/Spotters
  • 2 x Security/Support

All of the cell’s members will be fully competent at sniping but the the other roles such as Com’s & Security are just as important. The communications will need to have a mic and will co-ordinate and alert team mates. The security must be able to re-act to sneak assaults and be ultra aware of enemy positions.


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