The Pussi Porsche Nurburgring Race Riot

Welcome to The Inaugural Pussi Porsche Nurburgring Race Riot. Be warned…

porche racing

This is only for serious players! It’s a very long (50 mins driving time) with none of the driving aids on.

This is also a “team” race. A bit like Formula 1 where each team has 2 drivers, denoted by colour. The winners of the race, will be the team with the OVERALL best positions (point are allocated for each position). For example a team finishing in 2nd & 5th would beat the team finishing 1st & 10th.

Every racer MUST have to place the maximum bet of $2,500 GTA dollars on themselves. This is the prize money awarded to the race winner. It should be a nice amount (16 x £2500 =£115,000) by my maths.


The winning team will be immortalised in the “Pussi Riot Hall of Fame” and will be asked to defend there title at the next race event.

The race will take place SATURDAY THE 5TH OF APRIL if we have enough interest, the time will be confirmed once we know what time zone the majority of players are in. If you want to enter with preferred teammate contact them on the R* social club, pick a colour between yourself’s and let me know by either: Private message OR  adding to the comments on this post



Porsche’s only
Team of 2 players – colour to denote

Race Regulations:

8 laps of the R* verified race “Nurburgring”
no catch-up
no slip
no custom cars

Points Awarded:

1st place: 20 points
2nd place: 18 points
3rd place: 15 points
4th place: 11 points
5th place: 10 points
6th place: 7 points
7th place: 6 points
8th place: 5 points
9th place: 4 points
10th place: 3 points
11th place: 2 points
12th place: 1 points
BEST LAP BONUS: 3 points

To enter this race:

Please fill out the form below with your R* name and your GMT +/-. To find out your GMT time, click this link:


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