Want to play some INDOOR Team Deathmatches I made?

TDM inside

Hey gals,
There are many cool spots in Los Santos where you can create Team/Deathmatches inside buildings. Here some indoor TDM you can add to your game:

run on the bank

TDM inside the bank, one of my favorites.

HUMAN Labs & Research

Today i finally got into the Human Labs, i have often tried it but it never worked. It´s a really cool location and it´s the best location for casual Deathmatches.

Pillbox Hill

Give somebody a trouncing inside the hospital!


Very cool location too! TDM inside the F.I.B. building

inside IAA

TDM inside the IAA building.

Greetz from Mr. De Santa

TDM inside Michaels house.

Greetz from Franklyn

TDM inside Franklyns house.

In Da Club

Fight inside the Vanilla Unicorn.

Subway to Death

TDM inside one of the subway stations

Metro Mayhem

Created from muhmuhhuh. TDM in an unfinished metero station.

Do you also have created a Deathmatch inside a building? Just send me a pm with the link and i will add it to this list.


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