Introducing Our Fireteam


Welcome to the first confirmed part of our new Kick-ass Team Deathmatch Sqaud!

This is the fireteam, These are the girls that will work the ground at the front of our unit. They will work in pairs and are encouraged to play together to increase the understanding between one another. A fireteam is a small military unit of infantry. It is the primary unit upon which infantry organisation is based in the British Army, Royal Air Force Regiment, Royal Marines, United States Army, United States Marine Corps, United States Air Force Security Forces, Canadian Forces, and Australian Army.

binchen  randy areku
4 x Special operatives (expert close quarters)

  • BinchenChaos  GMT +1
  • GAGAgolightly GMT o
  • Randy  GMT 0
  • Areku GMT -6

Fireteams generally consist of four or fewer members. We will only field both pairs in the 8v8’s. For the smaller DM’s such as 6v6’s or 4v4’s we will only play 1 pair from the fireteam with the “strike section” playing a more of an attacking roll. These players have been picked for consistently beating the rest of us at close range in the TDM tryouts we have been running all this month. Well done for all involved. Please say well done them them when you see them too.


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