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Hi crew, Firstly Thank you for filling in the poll for choosing the activities for the march party. THIS EVENT IS BEING HOSTED THIS FRIDAY THE 28TH OF MARH. THE PARTY STARTS AT 8:30PM GMT AND WILL RUN FOR 4 HOURS.

Hour 1 – Mountain biking!


I have set up a special mountain bike race. Its important to remember this isn’t really a race. Its just a nice calm way to start the evenings proceeding. The reason I have set up a custom race for this is a number of reasons; ONE – the pesky cops interfering with our shit. TWO – the ability to re-set you character and re-spawn on a bike, THREE – a clear goal marked out, as I know what you guys are like…

Hour 2 – An old favourite “the Manhunts”


These will work in the same way as last time. 1 player is chosen at random and given five minutes to make for the hills. Its important that the remaining players stay together. It would be a great time to get some snaps, as you should exit the mountain biking mission at the top of Chilliad. When the 5 minutes has elapsed the 15 hunters start the pursuit. Once the player is nulled the next target is chosen and given 5 minutes to run or fortify and so on for the whole hour.

Hour 3, “THE MAIN EVENT” – Crew photoshoot


So get you camera’s ready! below is a poll of different locations. we will pick the top 3, everyone has 2 votes. The plan is to trundle (via a clothes shop) to each location, take a load of snaps for 15 minutes, then off to the next destination. TBF I was struggling to come up with any themes I thought we could pull off but then I had a brain wave. Rockstar posted an article (here), Be great if we could mimic the “Lizzies“, who are the all girl gang from the film. They dont have much of a stand-out dress code, Just all looking a bit grubby. What ya think? Anyways pick 2, the top 3 we do!

Hour 4 – Attack the military base


We finish the party with the crew favourite, and the only ever present in all our parties so far… the “Attack the military base”.

We are well drilled at this now, its the same plan as last time: Hold the hanger that we normally use as a drop off point. Commandeer a tank or 2. Hold the hanger for as long as we can. we managed to get an awesome crew photo here lst time, lets see if we can do it again but with more crew in shot!

Remember if this is your first time we will be gentle with you…

If you can only join us for a short time that is fine. Just PM me on the Rockstar SC and I will send you an invite on to the closed crew session. Remember the max is 16 at any 1 time (which we are already at). One last thing. I will not be present at this crew party, well maybe in time for the final hour but I will leave you in the more then capable hands of my no.2 and good time gal Blondarus who will be helped by my favourite rep SD.

Have a lovely time peeps, do me proud.

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