Introducing Our Strike Section


Let me introduce; The 2nd part of our TDM squad… The Strike Section

A [Strike] Section is a small military unit. In many armies, it is a squad of 6-12 soldiers but it our squad we are having 6 crew members. These crew members are the all-rounder’s who can handle close-quarters but also excel at medium range and heavy weapons PLUS are able to work ad-hoc’ly utilising their improvisation skills. All members will be expected to step up and get involved, supporting the Fireteam. When we play 8v8’s, up to four of the strike section will be picked to start although this does depend on the map and weapons chosen. The Section’s main task is to hold ground. With a view to supporting the fireteam when possible and following the sniper cell’s directions to the letter. Bridging the gaps between the two [fire & cell] and generally being the glue that holds the team together.

4 x Pussi Troopers (close combat/mid range)

  • Banksie (strike support) GMT 0
  • Hugo (strike support) GMT-6
  • Stardust (strike support) GMT +1
  • Alexona (strike support) GMT +1

blondarus0 (1)
2 x Commandos (stealth expert)

  • Blondarus (stealth) GMT 0
  • Raxo-d (stealth) GMT +1

Thumbs up to the players who made the grade by dealing with and seeing off countless attacks from both sides and working well in a team. I would like to expand this team by another 2 members. Do you think you have what it takes? If so join the next playlist when you see it in your notifications!

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