Allow me to reintroduce myself

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My name is Khylie, but those who know me call me Ms Kinky. NOT for the reason you’re thinking, but because of my hair lol. I guess my story starts in Vice City in the mid 80’s.

Born the daughter of Vic Vance, it was obvious early that I had that famous Vance temper when at the age of 9 I stabbed a girl with a Barbie pencil when she tried to take my jump rope. Though I am more jovial like my uncle Lance, I am my father’s daughter, though he died when i was a newborn, my mom says i have his aura (whatever that means). So it was no surprise to my mother when after she couldn’t pay for some shoes I wanted, I began running drugs for the local cartels.

After several successful years as a runner, i began passing time in between runs as a getaway driver for bank jobs. My rep for this began to precede me so i had to make an abrupt exit. Which is how my life in Liberty City began….again my rep for getaway driving was getting around so i was eventually contacted by Tony Cipriani for whom i worked for several years. Needless to say i again had to make a move. And so here i am. Los Santos. City of dreams. I was convinced to come by a guy i met on LifeInvader. He seemed pretty decent (for a criminal) and said there was plenty of work here so here i am. After several months of horribly tedious work from guys Lamar introduced me to, im finally in a comfortable place. I have a nice house, few cars
(my favorite being my Dominator i like to call the Dominatrix, which probably doesn’t help the Kinky confusion lol), and a few friends.

After a fateful meeting with Taghyouit, i realized i wasn’t the only bad ass broad in LS. In fact, there were hundreds! I showed my worth and they brought me into their fold and thusly the Pussi Riot began pumping thru my veins. So here i am. Just living the life, Rioting all day and night. If u ever need a driver, im always available.

•Name: Khylie Vance
•Date of birth: August 5, 1984
•Place of birth: Vice City
•Age: 29
•Relationship status: Single
•Sex: Just say when
•Interests: men and women, sports cars, motorcycles, and hunting down hostiles
•Religious views: U live, u party, u die, repeat
•Political views: Whatever keeps money in my pocket


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