Oh No Not Another Photo shoot !


See my names isn’t VintageSecrets for no reason (ignore the secrets part i don’t know what i was thinking). I love all things which are NOT of this century.From cars to clothing heck even movies. There’s just a certain feeling of nostalgia when i look at my mothers old pictures. Probably because she looks just like me (weird huh). Anyways that’s enough about me. So my dear rioters we have not known each other long, but i would like to get off my lazy back side and participate in the awesomeness which is Pussi riot (with a pinch of glamour).



I would like to announce that Friday the 4th i am hosting an all ‘Vintage Photo Shoot’ Consisting of 4 themes with the help of Grody-to-the-max we would like to make this as spectacular as possible. 

Now i’m going to need a couple of people preferably 2-3 to help with this little mission of mine. If you would like to assist then please contact my via my Social club id – ‘MissyVee’ and my Psn id – ‘VintageSecrets’ Or just fill out the Form Below.

I will be making another post regarding the reveal of the 4 themes of the photo shoot and what time it will be taking place.


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