March Crew Party – Review


Oh my word. What a whirlwind that was!

Crazy. Hectic. Draining. Hilarious. All words I’d happily use in relation to my first solo flight running the monthly crew get together.

Earlier in the week, Backof had dropped the bomb on me that neither she nor Randy would be able to make the party (something about a top secret project involving breeding attack chihuahuas or something) and they’d entrusted me with running our ever fabulous monthly get together. Ordinarily Backof flies solo with these things with only a smidge of help from me and Rands on the night, however I knew I’d need a helping hand to keep it all together so I called on my pal Stardust to act as my number two. As the day approached, Scuba C. Vercetti messaged me to say they’d be there to call on as well. Fanatical minions sorted, now I just needed to ensure we had some Rioters to join us (which was never really gonna be a problem was it)!

As it turned out, the number of people was going to be the least of my problems aswe started with a full session of rioters and ended the same way. I probably spent more time last night filling spots as people dropped out and said goodbye than actually playing the game itself! I think I probably saw very close to thirty different faces across the four hours, some of whom I’d not had the pleasure of playing with before. That’s always a treat and I got some nice PM’s from some of our new blood who didn’t think they were gonna get in.

However, much like with Backof last month, GTA picked the night of the party to really stick it to me. I got disconnected twice during the course of the evening which although annoying was easily rectified, but more seriously my ps3 froze three times forcing a complete shut down and restart. The good news for me and the party itself was Star and Scoob kept things ticking over for me while the game reloaded. I can’t speak highly enough of the help they gave me on the night. Well done gals!

So then, on to  the event itself. Once again you voted for the activities you wanted to do, picked the locations of the photo shoots and told us how you wanted it all to go down. You say, we play and you didn’t disappoint with your choices.

The first thing you crazy kittens chose was the mountain biking. A new addition to our list of possible activities and one I was pleased people voted for. Why? Well, I think there are so many things in GTA that people overlook while their pimping dope cars and blowing shit it up. This is one of them.


Sammy Vercetti opened our eyes to the possibilities of this activity by producing a playlist of four insane downhill mountain bike races at Mount Chiliad. For the party itself, Backof created  a sandpit scenario where we could just lark about on bikes, without pesky cops ruining our mojo. The ride up was a slog but once we got to the checkpoint (aka the respawn point) it was like wave after wave of lemmings throwing themselves over the sides of the mountain in a bid to safely reach the bottom. Most didn’t though, most died in horribly, brutal, bone crunching ways! But that was sort of the point wasn’t it?

An impromptu race later and the manhunts began. Personally I can’t think of anything more terrifying than fifteen other rioters screaming towards you across the map in a variety of transports with only blood on their mind. Rioters were selected at random as the bounty and it was their task to avoid being killed for as long as possible by any means necessary. There were some solid displays and one or two desperate last stands but nobody came close to matching our co-founder Randy’s titanic twenty minute manhunt masterclass. That particular feat of survival is gonna take some beating! My own pitiful effort was ended by a helicopter fly by, just minutes after I thought I’d concealed myself pretty well.


The first of a series of costume changes in to bikinis at a backwater Binco outlet, signaled that the photos ops were about to begin. First stop was a pool party at The Richman Hotel. Being Pussi Riot, this was no ordinary pool party and it wasn’t long before the police took exception to the two muscle cars, two helicopters and an ambulance that somehow found themselves in the pool. I have no idea how they got there and I swear I’ve never seen the girl in the orange bikini diving out of a hovering heli into the pool, in my life… ever…I swear…honest…


From there it was off to Suburban for a quick change in to our hood rat gear and down to Grove Street for our next photo op. As the impromptu race rolled in to the hood, we found some particularly enthusiastic gals from the Riot were already there and embracing the lyrics of N.W.A. As cops swarmed the cul de sac, all notion of a conventional photo op went out the window and we simply got stuck in, those of us who remembered, snapping some great action shots between respawns.


Time sort of ran away with us there and I had to put the Vanilla Unicorn photo op on ice until after the attack on the army base. I missed the strip club shoot as I had to hit the hay due to an early start the next morning, but those who were involved took some outrageous and hilarious pics including the debut of a motorcycle on the well worn stage of the club.


Combat fatigues on and bristling with weapons and ammo, we marched on Fort Zancudo. Or rather we drove and flew, but you get the idea. This is the only ever present at our crew parties and rightly so. The never ending carnage of the battle being waged in and around the base always throws up some ridiculous moments. The number of fighter jets we had this month strafing the tanks and troops was a thing of beauty. We captured at least two tanks as well with Star commandeering one and my favourite Aussie, Kimberlyalloveru, snatching the other. Kim to her credit amassed loads of tank kills despite being leathered and largely oblivious to the term ‘friendly fire’. At one point I was perched on top of her turret picking off the stragglers she’d missed and snapping away on my phone.


And so, that was that. Another month, another crew party. My first solo and my first since promotion to commissioner. How did it all pan out? Well that’s for you gals to answer but from my perspective, given all my disconnects and screen freezes, I thought it went pretty well. I was so busy right from the get go and it never really let up. I’m not sure I would have kept up had it not been for the assistance of Star and Scoob who worked hard to keep things rocking during my frequent absences.

I’ve come to appreciate how hard Backof works on these events and after running this one, know that even on party night, the hard work doesn’t end.

We hope you enjoyed this months event and are looking forward to the next one. We’re gonna sit down and dissect this one as we always do and see how we can improve the experience, get more people involved on the night and continue to make our events the pay off for another crazy month for you.

Now, I’m off to practice the Nurburgring race, because I’ve signed up for the event as part  ‘Team Orange’ (aka Team Muhdarous) with Muhmuh and currently cannot seem to finish the race! Practice makes perfect…or so they say!

Peace out

Blondie a.k.a ‘The Commish’






2 thoughts on “March Crew Party – Review

  1. What a magnificent account of a fantastic get together! Had to work, but congratulations on a great job and brilliant management of the PussiRiot blowout.

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