April Crew Party


Hi Gals,

First of all sorry for not being with you lot last friday. I had double booked myself 3 times over. So you were not the only girls I let down.

A massive thanks to Blondie for taking the bull by the horns and jumping into my spot. As she learnt, it isn’t much of a party (for the person in charge) as there’s a lot of management required to ensure the party rolls on. She enlisted a couple of able hands to make the job a bit easier which I think really helped. Well done Blondie! Oh btw congratulations to the Xbox members (Guppy & Kangaroo) for having their first party on friday, that is a real landmark moment in my eyes.Now onto business…

It seems we have reached saturation point because of the 16 player limit on the lobby. Our crew is fast approaching the old limit of 300 and with 100 players waiting to join its not going to be long before we are at 1000 rioters. This has left me in a bit of a quandary…

As we continue to grow it becomes MORE likely that MORE and MORE rioters will want to join the monthly party. Which worries me  a little, as I don’t want any of you to feel left out or excluded. My goal is to somehow engineer a situation where its impossible for this happen. Upon greater musing I have come up with a number of solutions, but I am unsure what is the correct route to take. So over the next few crew parties we will try a few new things and see what works.

0_0 (60)0_0 (51)
0_0 (33)0_0 (97)

I think playlists have a key involvement in allow us to accommodate our growing numbers. For the April party we are voting for our activities in a different way. This is because I plan to use the closed crew lobby as a “launch pad” rather then “theatre” for our carnage. We will run a number of playlists and sandbox type games (a different initiate each playlist) throughout the evening to keep you all entertained. The playlists will be set up like competitions where you rioters race your way to clock up the most 1st place finishes to be crowed Champion. Each winner will get a mention in the party review plus a big well done from me. I have chosen 6 playlists we could possibly use on party night, select your fav 3:

All of these playlists (or the contents) have been created by crew members which I think is a nice touch. If you have a cool playlist or game you have created, get it on the blog under the “crew created” category and we could be using that next.

At the same time as the play lists are running (well whenever the lobbies fills up to capacity again) we will be launching custom Deathmatches which are in fact sandboxes. These sandboxes are focused around the other aspects of gta such as; BMX’ing, Jet-skiing,  Stunt plane acrobatics, base jumping etc.

This should mean that everyone gets the chance to hang with the crew in the main lobby, gets to lark around in the sandboxes and race for glory against fellow rioters.

To enable this to happen I am going to need a few of the reps or eager muscle ranks to step up and help me by running a playlist or sandbox during the party on the  25th April. If you are interested in helping out. drop me a line.


I plan to run the main lobby as a kind of “front of house” or “head of ceremonies”. The plan is to keep you all  entertained by running improv races to funny locations and engaged by setting improv manhunts. I would like to theme the evening races thus keeping you entertained while the lobby fills up enough for us to launch the next playlist or sandbox. I would like to find out what theme you want to go for. This poll is for the evenings car choice in the free roam lobby:


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