I want your ideas for “themes” in the comments at the bottom of the page

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Ideas for the Crew Party theme entered in the comments section below please

Winner gets a kiss!

12 thoughts on “I want your ideas for “themes” in the comments at the bottom of the page

  1. Kiss from who? With the launch of Pussi Riot Productions, why not make it a movie themed night? Dress as your favourite film characters and hold movie themed stuff in the free roam lobby?

  2. May be street racers party on the stright street full of lights at night, or in parcking side like this:

    All Party members must be on motley cars (sedans, coupes, compacts, sport, NO supersports) with bright contrasting colors and custom body kits (not just a spoiler…)
    And we can make a street race tournament in free roam.

  3. Perfect cars in GTAO – Tailgater (Mikles car), sentinel, buffalo (Franklyns), coquette, sultan, penumbra, feltzer,futo,eleggy RH8, dominator, phoenix, ruiner, sabre turbo…

  4. I might be off topic here and i probably am…triathlon event theme…swimming,biking,maybe even jet skiing on a self made map or via content creator..make it into a team event with snaps afterwards in sportswear etc..just an idea.

  5. I was thinking about a boat party at the cove, where everyone has to bring their own boat. Maybe get silly with a Marquis and a Cargobob :p

  6. I think it’s about time that we paid tribute to the real Pussy Riot, who are an inspiration to our crew in more ways than just the name. What I suggest is that we shoot our own version of one of their pop promos. Have a look at this to get the idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjI0KYl9gWs Obviously R* haven’t given us balaclavas but colourful masks should still convey the idea ;P

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