TDM squad – Update

alexona 0 (1)taco bankies star blondarusareku randy apple binchen

Hi gals,

Ok with the added pressure from a few of you gals to get my ass in gear and sort out the squad. I have taken a couple sidesteps to get our TDM squad up and running. As I only had 1 part left to pick (the sniper cell). I have decided to postpone that part for now and just run with the Fireteam and the Strike Section.

I have moved the sniper (well done Alexona), already earmarked for the cell into the Section for now. The long term plan is still to set up the specialist sniper unit. But I will need more time to select the members. I have also added Raxo-d as our final commando. Whcih means we have a total of 10 members, 11 including me (although I am only there as a figurehead).

Both of our units now has a unique coat of arms designed by Hurri & Carla. I will run a competition for the sniper cell coat of arms. So start submitting some concepts gals!



Now we have a confirmed line up we will start to book challenges against other crews, we will do 1 or 2 a month MAX. The only 2 things to decide are the name (click here) and the battle dress (click here). I need more ideas from you all!

To be honest I am a little disappointed at your lack of effort on this, as normally you guys are very pro-active. So please submit your ideas and costumes, it will make me happy.


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