Information concerning Photo-Shoot

It will be held on Friday ( tomorrow) at 8 pm GMT.My current helpers are Blondy, Grody, Hurri, Kris and Binchen. Who i’d like to thank for the awesome suggestions for themes. As well as upcoming help.However, i’m still going to need models to work with guys. So i hope we get a decent turn out.Image

Anyways the 4 themes will be:

1. A recreation of the War-time propaganda ‘We can do it’ poster



2. A group photo of famous Pin-up models or actresses of your choice. 



3.Recreating this scene of Audrey Hepburn (suggested by Grody)


4.Dressing up as a Mime group on Vinewood Boulevard with a GTA Twist (suggested by Binchen)


I cannot say this any more than i already have. The more people who join the greater the pictures will be.

Hope to see you there.





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