Pimped out rides – Lady Shark

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Believe it or not, but I bought it from an old lady

I’m not sure what she thought when a young girl dressed in neon leggings and leg warmers showed up on her doorstep, but the look on her face was priceless and so was that beautiful Pegassi Monroe to her. Little did she know that car had a lot of emotional value to me too. It used to belong to a late friend of mine back in V.C. who hung out around the studio. He was in this gang called ‘the sharks’. His life was cut short in 1986 when some hired guns in a chopper took out most of the gang, but I digress.


Right, the look on her face. At the time I wasn’t really accustomed to the 2010s lifestyle, it got even worse when I took out my vintage camera to take a few quick pictures of the car when I was out test driving it. I felt really sorry for scaring her after she told me why she was selling this beauty. Turns out she had to sell all of her belongings after her husband passed away and left her with millions of dollars in debt, which he had kept secret for months. She managed to pay off the debt and she currently lives in a one bedroom apartment in East L.S. Sure it all turned out okay, but it just didn’t feel right, so I bought her Pegassi Vacca. She now turns more heads than I did when I first arrived in this city.


Okay so the car itself. Oh boy, the looks, the sound, the speed, she has it all and she handles like a charm, because unlike other classic sports cars, she doesn’t have an oversteer problem. The speed easily matches that of the more modern means of transportation. And be honest, driving down the San Andreas Riviera in this baby makes even this neon leggings and leg warmers wearing, crying and singing to an 80s power balled girl look cool, right? right?!

I named the car ‘The Lady Shark’ in loving memory of my late friend and the old lady who got dealt a bad hand.



4 thoughts on “Pimped out rides – Lady Shark

  1. @Kati: I won’t be as polite if you keep calling me a guy, but right back atcha 😉
    @pussiriot: It costs a whopping $490,000, but it is so worth it. The car looks and handles great and has an impressive top speed for an almost 50 year old car. The Z-type is the only sports classic that has a (slightly) higher top speed, but the Monroe obliterates it in the corners.

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