Pussi Riot Crew Party Videos

While those of you  lucky  members who attended last Friday’s Pussi Riot Crew Party were busy having fun, I was secretly filming everything that took place throughout the night. This was my first attempt at recording footage and also my first attempt at editing footage so I do apologise that it doesn’t look very professional but this wasn’t meant to be a full blown Pussi Riot Production. It was just an experiment to see what can be done using standard GTA game footage as a medium while at the same time documenting the events that unfolded throughout the evening for your entertainment.

In total I recorded close to five hours worth of footage and have spent the last week piecing bits and bobs together to create something you gals may consider worth watching.

The first thing I noticed was that my avatar was in nearly every shot, while that is quite an obvious thing to say considering that it was me playing the game and me recording the footage, it never really occurred to me that this is probably the biggest hurdle that we have to overcome in order to make something that looks half decent. Luckily R* have given us the ability to view the world in first person perspective when in or on a vehicle. I’ve now got a Faggio scooter parked in my garage to shoot some slow tracking pan shots.

The second thing I noticed was the need for forward planning and discipline. In normal game play we tend to go about our business in a chaotic and clumsy manner. When we get round to shooting everyone involved will have to listen very carefully to instructions and will probably need to stay close to the camera and each other for the majority of the time. This will mean the requirement of a headset or at least having crew chat enabled will be essential. For those who haven’t got a headset then at least have a smartphone/tablet with the PSN app installed for quick messaging. If anyone fancies trying any other methods of communication let me know what it is and why you rate it.

The third thing I noticed was how ugly and distracting having the HUD and radar on my screen is. While I had to have it turned on last Friday due to helping Blondi get everyone from place to place, I think it will be essential to not have any visual distractions when trying to shoot. So if someone messages me or any of the camera peeps or if we get any other alert then it will mean having to re-shoot a scene. I can see this been quite challenging but not impossible. However if anyone does know of a way to turn off all alerts please let me know.

I’m going to be away on holiday for a week now but when I get back I would like us to get together to try and record our first official shoot so I’d like anyone interested to get in touch and let me know what day and time is best for you to be able to attend. In the meantime I’d like all of you to have a close look at this: –

It’s going to be on the lines of what we’re going to try and recreate. As I said it’s not going to be easy. But a bit of hard work will hopefully reap great rewards.

If you have any comments then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself, Blondi or Backof as we are doing this as a group project, so need to know what your thoughts are.


Scuba ;P



3 thoughts on “Pussi Riot Crew Party Videos

  1. Ooh que genial, me encantaría participar. Los fin de semana tengo disponibilidad. Así que ojala anuncien con anterioridad para ajustarme a sus horarios 😀

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