Around The World In 80 Minutes – The Cosmopolitan Playlist

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There I was, last week on the Del Perro pier, gazing at the sunset. My mind in a thousand places at once and yet all of them strung together by a mysterious line that somehow made it all seem completely logical.

That was where it hit me. The kebab I had that afternoon went bad and I had to make a run for the nearest bathroom. On that very toilet I realised that I had to do what no one had ever done before. Go around the world in 80 minutes. Which is obviously impossible without going all Star Trek on it, so here’s the plan.
Just like Jules Verne’s novel “Around The World In 80 Days” we’ll travel from city to city, all across the globe. In order to do this, I’ve been recreating real-life circuits in San Andreas.


(we won’t be taking the original route, as pictured above, but you get the idea)

So far I’ve recreated three real-life circuits

I have thoroughly tested all of them, but I’d like to know what you girls think. The goal is to fill the playlist with about ten different tracks. I know that’s a lot, but what’s 80 minutes when you put it in perspective? One question remains however, should I put in the three Rockstar verified recreated circuits, Monaco, Laguna Seca and The Nurburgring?

I’ll keep you girls posted.

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