Kati Vercetti: plane crash?

Breaking news from San Andreas Local News

Yesterday supposed to a big day for Kati Vercetti : she raced the Nurburgring Pussi Riot Challenge. She was really confident of her chance to be in a good place on the finish lane.

But she didn’t show up. Nobody knows why for the moment, but rumours begin to run. We received this picture on our mobile phone, just a couple of minute before race was supposed to start.


On the picture, we can see that Kati has taking a little plane to go to the race. It is not a good news as we know how bad is Kati’s pilot skills ! As far as we know, the plane disappeared from radar screens and it has not yet been found for the moment.

Stay tuned for more information about this sad news.


Chris Franck, from San Andreas Local News



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