The Boss’s Foreword: Hi everyone, let me introduce to you Sami’s San Andreas Rally Championship. This is a custom playlist made up of 11 different races (special stages).  Like Sami, I love the real-life rallying and the fact we can now rally around in our our Evo’s (cough cough, I mean Sultan) is everything I have ever dreamed of. Sam has plotted each race to test your skillz and when you play with other rioters it has a real fun feel. Please add the playlist to your game here. Anyways thats enough from me and I hand over to sam for…

The first rally competition in GTA Online…

1999 Subaru Impreza WRC, Ex Colin McRae

I have been a fan of rally racing since the victory of Marcus Grönholm in the WRC with Peugeot 206. However I can also say that the french Michèle Mouton or Colin McRae have been a huge influence on me. These men/women to me are a kind of “gods of driving”.

Since the relase of GTA V, I’ve dreamed of making a realistic and authentic rally championship on the roads of San Andreas. If you are like me and feel the same way then… voilà.


Like a real rally, the championship has 10 Special Stages and 1 Super Special Stage. They are very technical with lots of difficulties and traps – tiny and hard crossings, a lot of hairpin bends, blind corners, bumps and few dangerous straight roads. The challenges provided require : driving skill, good anticipation and a perfect mastery of the car.

Some special stages are very fast, some are very dangerous, the majority are both. The important thing is : to keep your cool and not go too fast because every mistake is wasting lot of valuable seconds.


KEEP YOUR FINGER CLOSE TO ‘L2’ AND USE YOUR HANDBRAKE. As any good rioter knows, the only car for this Championship is our lovely KARIN Sultan (the un-official Pussi wagon)


Class B – If you do not own a Sultan RS then you will only be able to enter as a Class B driver. This is for the novice and you will be allocated a stock Sultan (to chose this; when in game setup turn custom vehicles OFF)

Class C – For this class you need to own a custom Sultan RS (when in game setup turn custom vehicles ON) Be warned : the class C is really more difficult and requires the racer (at a minimum) to know the Championship’s different stages to make good times. CUSTOMISATION TIP : Don’t customise the suspensions.

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Each of the stages best times (only for class C) will be held in the Pussi Riot “Hall of Fame”. So every second counts. Make sure you tune the Sultan for max speed and handling.


SS01: GRAPESEED – 80% gravel / 20% asphalt – Hard difficulty


SS02 : GREAT CHAPARRAL – 90% gravel / 10% asphalt – Medium difficulty


SS03 : SANDY SHORES –  80% asphalt / 20% gravel – Medium difficulty


SS04 : RATON CANYON – 100% gravel – Very hard difficulty


SS05 : VINEWOOD – 90% asphalt / 10% gravel – Hard difficulty

ss05brally deutschland racing asphalt wrc rally cars world rally championship racing cars ford fiesta wrc_www.wall321.com_38

SS06 : DAVIS QUARTZ  – 100% gravel & rocks – Hard difficulty


SS07 : TATAVIAM MOUNTAINS – 90% gravel / 10% asphalt – Medium difficulty


SS08 : FORT ZANCUTO – 60% gravel / 40% asphalt – Medium difficulty


SS09 : DEL PIERRO PIER – 100% asphalt – Very hard difficulty

ss09brally roads deutschland sparks racing red bull asphalt wrc races rally cars motorsports world rally_www.wallmay.net_82

SS10 : GREAT CHAPARRAL – 80% gravel / 20% asphalt – Medium difficulty


To complete the championship requires 50 minutes of driving. If you run alone for practice, you will take approximately 3000 RP per Special Stage on average. (30 000 RP at least in total). Of course, you can also play this championship with several participants. Add the playlist to your game and go practice !

The challenges for each class will be regularly offered. Beat the total time and win $100,000 or $200,000 ! Stay tuned on the R*Social Club.





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