Update on the Around The World in 80 Minutes playlist

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The poll results are in and another track has been recreated. It’s time for a quick update.

Eight of you voted on whether or not Rockstar verified recreated racetracks should be added to the playlist and a whopping 87.5% voted…YES! Therefore Laguna Seca, Monaco and The Nürburgring have been added to the list, which means that the playlist now consists of seven races. Those of you who’ve been keeping count will notice that that means there’s an extra track. Why yes, you smart person you. I’ve recreated Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. Like it’s real life counterpart, it’s set in both the city and the nearby hills. Those hills can be deceptive, as it’s easy to overestimate the maximum cornering speed. In real life 16 people have made that mistake and died. I won’t stop you from recreating that tragic inferno with a entire lobby, but try to keep that in mind when you’re pushing to get into first place.

Here’s the link: http://rsg.ms/Ot86z3

Right our journey. This is our route so fat. It isn’t the fastest one, but 80 minutes is plenty of time, right?

temporary playlist map

If you have any suggestions for track recreations, leave them in the comment section below or contact me on the Social Club.


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