Death matches – Not dying for beginners

blondie death match


A month or so ago, Scuba and I were talking about something or other and I asked if they were interested in doing the ‘Pussi Riot TDM Tryouts’ and after a bit of convincing they got involved. Now, I’m sure they won’t mind me saying it perhaps wasn’t for them, but I said afterwards that I would happily give them some pointers on the basics of death matches. Then it occurred to me that it may be better to do a series of ‘beginners’ articles on it and share it with the masses.

I think I should point out a few things before we start. This is not a definitive list of things that will make you awesome at it. This is not an article written by someone who is part of the killer elite. It’s simply a starting point for novices to build on.

As a beginner the first thing you need to get good at is not dying. Sounds like an obvious thing to say but you’d be surprised and how few people really spend the time getting good at this aspect of it. The glory and the praise comes from bagging lots of kills and topping the leader board at the end of the game, but the reality is, particularly in a team death match situation, is that not getting killed is actually a more valuable skill to have in your locker.

There are many tools and tricks at your disposal which will help you in your quest to make this happen and I’ll break them down for you right now.


Simple as pressing ‘L3’. Sneaking allows you to move undetected on the radar which not only makes you harder to spot but may also may just give you the drop on an unsuspecting target as you sneak up on them. You can still move fairly quickly in this mode by tapping the ‘x’ button, although ‘over tapping’ will mean you slip out of sneak mode and you don’t want that happening at the wrong moment. The higher your stealth rating in the game the quieter you are and the quicker you can move while sneaking, so be sure to work on this overlooked skill.


Los Santos is covered in scenery. Houses, trees, walls, rocks… you name it, it’s there. Almost all of it can be used as some sort of cover to conceal yourself behind. You enter cover by tapping ‘R1’ next to any of these surfaces. Now the beauty of the ‘enter cover’ button is that you don’t actually have to be right next to a surface for it to happen. As long as you are within a short distance of it, an animation will be triggered of you running/sliding/skipping to the nearest cover.

Once in cover you, you’ve got the added protection it affords but perhaps more importantly, a few added seconds of safety for you to gauge the threat and make your next move.


Fools rush in. You’ll find that out the hard way in death matches. On a map filled with proficient killing machines like our beloved Randy, you’ve really gotta use all the tools at your disposal to ensure you have a chance. As a beginner learning the ropes, the most precious commodity at your disposal is time.

So what do I mean ‘take your time’? Well, until you’ve become a stone cold killer who can drop someone with a head shot from a pistol, at long range, in high wind, blindfolded… you need to be sure you can make a kill without exposing yourself to return fire. Where possible bide your time. Use the time to establish where in the vicinity your opponents are. Use your time to figure out when it’s safe to move on. Wait for the target in cover to expose themselves when taking a shot at someone else. Wait for the target to be in the open. Wait for them to be reloading etc.

The more you play, the more you’ll appreciate these subtle nuances. It’s not all about ‘blood, guts and glory’.

Remember this is just my two cents based on how I play and should be used as a guide for novices rather than gospel. Hope some of you gals find it useful.

In the next column, I’ll be covering the glamorous part…’Making The Kill’.


a.k.k ‘The Commish’



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