Kati Vercetti : See you all in Hell !


It’s now three days that we don’t have a clue where Kati Vercetti is.

She disappeared with a little plane in the Saturday Evening and never show up again. All the people of  Los Santos is worry about what’s going on to the English Sweet Woman and is speculating on where she is now and what she is doing.


On San Andreas local News, we were the first PaperNews to publish the scoop and all our most brillant reporters are working on this case. We want to be transparent to you, leakers, i mean readers, and we have to show you a crypted sound message that we received yesterday by email :

Hi everyone…. this is kati…. shrrrr… Don’t worry about me, where i am and what i’m doing, it’s for the shhrrrr… i’m working for a …. mission….. undercover…. MI5…. you know… Need to do this before coming back to Los Santos…. shrrrr… But i want to say to my favorite crew… pussi rio….. shhrrr… that i have been so happy to meeet you all, to ride, to race, to … shhhr with all of you…. I’m proud to be a Pussi Riot member… and i will be for ever ! shhhrrr….. I’ll miss you all Girls … shhhrr…. SEE YOU ALL IN HELL !

That’s all we have for the moment. We are still looking for more information, stay tuned !



We also received a picture attached where we can see Kati (on the right side). That’s seem to be the last picture we have of her…


We do not have a clue what it is all about, but if you have an idea, don’t hesitate to post below.


Chris Franck, from San Andreas Local News


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