Tank + Girl = Tank Girl

Hell hath no fury like… a woman in a tank!

Sixty tons of rolling, mechanical malice piloted by a slightly unhinged punk rock chick and her mutant kangaroo boyfriend. This is the original Tank Girl. The comic strip itself was created way back when by the writer Alan Martin and the artist Jamie Hewlett. She first appeared in 1988 as a comic in Deadline Magazine #1, but in 1995, United Artists released the film version of the post apocalyptic heroin, starring Lori Petty. It was a financial and critical flop (i.e. it was a complete stinker), earning just $4 million at the box office, failing to recoup anywhere near its initial $25 million budget.

Now why do we bring this up you ask? Well, it seems we have our very own Tank Girls in our midst.  Shell firing, track rolling, madder than mutant kangaroo carrying a bazooka bonafide tank girls.

Our Tank Girls:

      egimage             raxo-d        banksieboy666    randylahey911     taghyoult

BinchenChaos       combatguppy    PrincessTaco           krisxo_             eltax00

Misty8May            Hugo-Arauz         SumSkittles      ETERNlTY     Chocolate_Vegito

GAGAgolightly       W8-2L8-M8        iwancont           slimsyG       IzBiz-E_Gangsta

   Shestyorka       karatechoplee     devlinfr3w           fyreplum      

     murphacus   NattashaStew

They’re eager to put together the meanest, earth shaking tank crew Los Santos has ever seen and are looking like minded tank rollers to join their ranks. Are you that gal with nothing in their garage but a BMX and a Rhino painted in crew colours with a recurring daisy motif? If so then stand up and be counted! Just add in the comments or PM me if you have a tank and your beaming face can add you your comrades above. Link to Jamie Hewlett, the artists blog here

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