Lets talk about the tank squad…

Now the reason why we’re starting a tank squad is so we can fight off any other person in a lobby with a tank that keeps killing  you or another Rioter

It would be such a surprise to this person, seeing about 11 tanks coming after them…I would piss myself. That would definitely teach them not to mess with us and our Tank Squad.

Even if its not you that’s being repeatedly killed by a tank, and its a crew member, you NEED to help them. Grab your tank and alert any other crew members in the lobby who have a tank by sending them the call-outs.


We need to be able to protect and help one another. Now we all know those idiotic try-hards who role around in a tank and just keep spawn killing you, it gets pretty irritating, and it gets on my nerves. I think this is a pretty good idea & the group of people we have right now in the squad is great!

If anybody has a tank, and wants to join, PM backof & she’ll add you right to the list!



Backof thoughts: Yes, gals, its imperative you help a crew member in trouble. As this only works if we all pitch in. When you help you will be commended and get rewarded. Remember how it feels to be picked on? It’s not nice so if we can fight back its a real victory for everyone that has suffered at the hands of a tank. AND for the crew making the shout-outs; I think if you have the presence of mind to go to passive while you type the shouts outs and just wait when someone can join, it would be very satisfying for all involved.

Here are some useful links:


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