Kati Vercetti : who’s that girl ?

So far, we did not know where Kati was and what she was doing…

But today, we received an email at the Newspaper headquater with a picture attached :


As you can see, this gril seems to be Kati (we recognize the hat, so typicaly british) ! She seems to be under the bridge, living under a tent, in the darkest side of the city.

One of our reporter went to see her, and she said :

I’m not sure who i am and where i’m coming from. Last days was a bit confused. I used to be called MAXOU89100 and now my name is Kati_Vercetti on the International big brother Network (PSN)… I really do not understand what is happenning to me. An more, my level is down to 5 and i have only a gun and can’t defend myself against not sweet people of Los Santos. Heeeeeeelp ! Please, Hellllllllllp ! I need to recover my memory and my sweet friends. Need cover, support and help to survive in this city ! Please add me !!!!!!

And suddenly, she goes away, screaming and running very fast to who knows where.

If you have information on that girl, please call 555-544324 and add her as a friend !


Chris Frank, from San Andreas Local News

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