Pimped Rides – The Grotti Stinger GT

Yo, This is my new whip ya’ll. And aint she a beauty!

stinger gt

A 64′ Grotti Stinger GT and I love every part of her. From the Stradale front lights to the GTO ducktail spoiler. When brand new, the block produced 320bhp’s. Although after all these years it now feels like half that. But that isn’t the point of this car. If I want to drive super sonic I can get in my Entity XF. This car is for sunday driving and crew meets. You will not see me jumping her into the army base at 150mph with 5 stars after me, no no no. She is a refined old gal who needs to be shown lots of TLC the later years of her life.

Under the body is a hand-welded tube frame with a mid-mounted V8 engine, a Porsche designed five-speed gearbox that delivers power to a live-axle rear end. This is how I received her:


I say its a 1964, that is just my best guess. As guess what? Simeon yet again failed to supply any paperwork for her. I don’t know why I expected any different… But as this was my most expensive purchase to date I thought maybe he would try at least a little. He didn’t. It also took an age to get delivered to my garage even though I live just around the corner. I can actually see his offices from where I am sitting now on my really un-comfortable L shaped sofa.

When she first arrived she was very tired. In a faded light blue that may have been a bright blue (for all I know) when first painted all those years ago. Once at Los Santos customs I had the best mechanic is LS take a look her. We started by upgraded the suspension and took the paint down down to just bare metal. Then I took her out for an extended test drive. This is where I noticed the BHP was definitely not what Simeon had said it was. I guess that is where the small print “sold as seen” covers his shady ass.


Back then to LSC and with the engine on the floor we bored out the engine’s cylinders. Reconditioned or changed a vast majority of parts & cables. and stuck it back in. Now with the engine fully upgraded and the old, at the time ‘cutting edge’ technology, transmission swapped for a new ‘cutting edge’ technology racing transmission (the same type that is on my Comet). I am ready to take out onto the streets see how the modifications improvement the ride.

stinger-gt-img3stinger gt img1

Some exterior styling has been undertaken; Window tints, Xeon lights, A white paint job and some tasteful 5star wheels. I will let you know how she feels on the road. Pretty sure I will be back in for the turbo in the not too distant future.


One thought on “Pimped Rides – The Grotti Stinger GT

  1. Thats one of three Series 3 Stingers which were built in 1964. One was destroyed during a Le Mans cup race that year, and the other is owned by the Sultan of Fritolaysia. Originally red, this car was owned from new to 1985 by the boss of a Vice City crime family before it was seized by the authorities and found to contain 300kg of cocaine and two human corpses. It was hosed off and sold to a Russian shipping magnate who had it reconditioned, resprayed and used it as his personal transport around Los Santos. After he was found to have commited suicide by shooting himself 4 times with a sniper rifle, the businessman’s family, fearing the car cursed, sold it to a legitimate businessman and non-racist in LS.

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