A Couple o’ Captures from pixelpuss1 (boyblue80)

Hey Rioters!

I  am really pleased that Rockstar have allowed so much creativity with the new captures content creator! I spend most of the weekend delving into the creator and getting creative with some ideas. So please please do check them out on my social club page and add them to your game. I’ve found it quite disheartening that so few people actually take the time to play them. (not just Rioters). Mostly I think due to the fact people don’t have the patience to wait for a lobby to fill, so folk have become accustom to leaving if they see a lobby with only 2 people in it.

I’d like to ask my fellow Rioters to please, please take them time to try some of my capture missions as I really think they would be a lot of fun if people made a little extra effort to join so we can get a fairly full lobby. *Begging over* lol.

Here are some details about some of the Capture Missions I created to help give you an idea of their premise.

Pool Party Cleanup (HOLD)The weekend pool parties are over, and the hedonists are unconscious or too wasted to notice your gangs stealing their valuables from their homes. This capture features packages left unattended (and often not!) only at Swimming Pool locations, which must be stolen without the party-goers noticing and then taken back to your base to be protected. Be prepared for some bikini-clad women screamng at you and using firearms when you’re caught entering their homes and disturbing their slumber!


Another that I think would be so much fun would be Forbidden Love (GTA). This vehicle capture mission features two teams who own used car garages and junkyards desperate for vehicle parts to sell off to keep their companies afloat in these hard times. There are five locations around Los Santos where these vehicles can be found, and each of them features a little romantic scenario. Lol. The theme is ‘forbidden love’ so you shall find couples at each location who have had to hide their feelings for one another for different reasons. Be it the two lesbian policewomen secretly meeting under the pier, or the Batti Convention Event organisers who have a rare moment alone together finally to express their love for one another. So senselessly rob these poor souls and expect retaliation!

The bases are in great locations for protecting your vehicles form the other teams too, with some great advantage points.


So please please take time to play them with Rioters or anybody else and most of all have fun and get creating yourself with this awesome new feature!


Many thanks,





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