Death matches – Busting caps for beginners

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Wake up… time to die

So in the last blog we covered the basics of dodging the grim reapers scythe, and although I will be adding further pointers to that, the theme for this article is about the less subtle art of blowing somebody away!

Before we get started, I’d once again like to reiterate that these tips and tactics are aimed at the novices among the crew and those who simply want to get better. They are not the be all, end all and are a guide rather than gospel. With that out of the way, lets get down to the grisly business.


Friends come and go. Team mates die and respawn. But in death matches you will always have one constant friend…the radar.

The radar serves a multitude of uses in a death match, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll be looking at how you can use it to your advantage.

Targets will show up on your radar whenever they make a loud enough sound, for example running, jumping/falling, firing an unsuppressed weapon etc . Use this knowledge to your advantage when hunting targets. Look for the briefest flash of an enemy on the radar and then try and pre-empt their movement around the level. It’s worth also paying careful attention to which way they are facing as you never know, they may be completely oblivious to your approach.

Most crucially the radar can also potentially be used against you if you’re attempting to snipe from range. If a sniper is staring down their sight for a prolonged period of time, then they will show up on the radar in the same way as if they are running. This not only gives away their position but may alert the target to your impending shot.  When sniping be ready to take your shot quickly.

You are also able to reveal everyone’s position on the map for one minute if you  call Lester on your in game mobile and and ask him to do so. This can be very handy, particularly if you are playing against a team who are using stealth tactics or for weeding out a sniper position.


The next thing you need to consider is the most appropriate method of dispatching your target. Now, we all have our favourite weapons that we kinda keep as our default but is it always  the right tool for the job? GTA: O has so many weapons to choose from, that it’s worth considering which is best for each circumstance. Once you know the map you’ll be playing on, cycle through your weapons and check their statistics. Consider factors like the openness of the level (i.e. are there lots of open spaces or is tight alley ways), whether the weapon is suppressed, how much damage it will cause etc.

As an example, until I unlocked the advanced rifle, I would use the carbine rifle as my default. It had range, reasonable damage and I’d fitted a silencer. When one of the updates came out, a second model of carbine was introduced, which had less range but inflicted more damage. So I started using the newer carbine on levels where it was a lot tighter and kept the original carbine for levels where I needed that little bit of extra range. I then used my auto shotgun for close encounters which was all stopping power and no range.

Another thing to think about is explosives. Grenades are obviously deadly in their own right, but they also serve another purpose. Picture this, your opponents have dug in behind cover and picking your team off at will. Clearing them out with small arms fire isn’t gonna cut it. Now, start hurling grenades their way and they have two choices, either stand their ground and hope the cover protects them or move to another location. It’s a tactic I often use when I know there is a target up ahead but who hasn’t  revealed themselves yet.

A much sneakier use of explosives is the sticky bomb which can be used not only offensively but defensively as well. They are great way of getting kills without even needing to see the target. Just leave them attached to a piece of scenery and move on, detonating them when an enemy is passing the location. The defensive use is perhaps more easily illustrated. Just the other night I was playing one of our members newly created capture mission  and decided I’d stay and defend our base which was in the grounds of what we affectionately call ‘The Playboy Mansion’. Now, I had a lot of angles to cover so I set sticky bombs on the few entries points the other team had open to them and then reaped the rewards. What I didn’t get a chance to shoot on sight, got blown to pieces as I detonated the charges at the entry points! Needless to say our team won at a canter.


Whether the auto targeting is set to on or off, it’s important to be ready to take your shot. As I said in the previous article, knowing when to take your shot is half the battle. It could be the death of you or your opponent.

With auto targeting on, when you aim, the cross hair will spring up on to your targets torso. From here you can blast away til your hearts content and they will eventually go down. However it is the least effective way of putting  someone down. This is for a number of reasons but chiefly because even without armour this is where the target can sustain the most damage. Hitting them here gives them time to dodge behind cover, return fire or worst still to, roll out of the way and plug you full of holes while you struggle to readjust your aim!

The roll is an evasive action you can make while aiming. While you are aiming, a simple tap of the button will make your character do a forward roll. Now this manoeuvre automatically cancels any auto aim on you, meaning the person targeting you, then needs to re-aim in order to hit you. This will give you a second or so head start as they re-aim and nine times out of ten allows you to kill them first.

Anywho, back to auto aim. So your crosshair is on the target and you’re ready to fire. At this stage, you have no obligation to fire and you should take a second to tweak your aim. A nudge of the stick will move your sight upward on to the targets neck and head area and this is the spot where you want to hit given the option. Worst case scenario your shot does more damage. Best case scenario, you put them down with a single head shot. As I said, it’s worth taking your time with a shot if you are in no immediate danger. Eventually you will become so familiar with the action, that even when under pressure, you can get a neck or head shot away without panicing.

So another set of hints and tips for you rookies to get your teeth in to. Hopefully they’ll help you improve your game and make the thought of facing down Randy and their terrifyingly accurate advanced rifle that much less daunting.

In the next article, I’ll be covering the basics of Team Death Matches, which requires a whole separate set of skills and considerations.

Til then, take care of yourselves out there : P


a.k.a ‘The Commish’




3 thoughts on “Death matches – Busting caps for beginners

  1. Thanks! I learned quite few things here! Thought I climb the ladder to a high level (230-ish), I am pretty bad at racing, deathmatch, LTS (but having fun nonetheless). It seems the only thing I am ok at is parachuting or destroying my own car.

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