GTAV online new apartment locations (maybe)

New apartments, with new furniture in new locations!


As you all know, we are eagerly awaiting  update 1.13 to drop. The main reason we are all so excited is the news that we can upscale to “new high end apartments” that will have new garages! Imagine a 20 car garage…. That would make our collective days the world over.

GTAforums and the internet is alive with speculation about where these new apartments will be located. With informed users commenting that there are no apartments located outside the city (so the prospect of having a city pad and country retreat are slim at best).

4 apartment block locations have been highlighted

  • Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club
  • Celltowa Located right next to the halfpipe in Little Seoul
  • CNT Building On the corner of Clinton Avenue
  • Callisto or Indiana Apartments located on Power Street

Full article:


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