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I Scuba Christ Vercetti am about to make a huge life changing commitment which will cause a devastating blow to both the streets of Los Santos and my poor bank balance. Yes you guessed it I’m going to go online and give over my credit card details to Warstock Cache & Carry and get me one of those juicy Sixty ton heavily-armored battle vehicles with a 1,500hp turbine engine and a 120mm cannon AKA The Rhino Tank!!!

To celebrate the fact that I will be joining the venerbal ranks of the Pussi Riot Tank Girl Squad I have decided to commemorate this by committing  the occasion to celluloid, well YouTube but lets not split hairs!


This won’t be a scripted production like what we have planned for future projects, however what I would like us to do is have at least six to eight tanks roaming around San Andreas generally blowing shit up while other Riot Girls stand atop taking pot shots at interfering cop copters or any other little sods who dare get in our way. This will be an invite only lobby and we can have up to 16 players playing at once as we do at our monthly parties. So what I would like the others who are not in tanks to do is be as inventive with what obstacles you can put in front of our Rhino convoy’s way – I’m talking about huge truck pile ups, crash landing jets, Rhino’s dangling from Cargo Bobs – I’ll leave it up to you to be as creative as I know you all can be. If you want to get in touch with me with any ideas or suggestions either before or during the shoot then I’d be more than happy to hear your thoughts.


I would like us all to dress up in Punk Rock chic in order to show that Lori Petty woman how Tank Girl should have been played in the first place. I don’t want us all to look the same so try to use a bit of imagination in your combinations. I’d like to see a quite a few Mohawk hair-cuts about but masks or crash helmets will also look good.

I will be on mic to give direction and would like all those who have such a device to have theirs switched on as well, as it will make things a whole lot easier for all involved (your voices will not be recorded BTW)  But if you haven’t got a headset then please make sure you have Crew Chat turned on in your game settings for you to know what’s going on. If you have a smart phone or tablet then I suggest you get the PSN app as this will be the quickest way for you to get in touch with me and each other on the night. I will also be able to pick up messages from Social Club, but from previous experience have found that there can be a delay before getting so this is probably the least reliable way to communicate and should only be used as a last resort. Again if you have any thoughts on this I’d be glad to hear them.

For those of you wondering about when we’re going to shoot the proposed Sabotage homage – it’s still very much on the agenda and I will let you know just as soon as we’re ready to get shooting. In the meantime I’d like this to be the first video to go live on our Pussi Riot Productions YouTube Channel – so let’s make this rock.

Just one last thing – when are most of you likely to be available? I propose that we meet up at 8pm GMT on either Saturday, Sunday, or Monday night so please can you fill in the form below, PM me or write a comment on our Social Club board.


Scuba 😉


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