The Raxo Team race championship

Welcome to The Inaugural Raxo-D Team Race championship


This works just like the last race event we had; its a “team” event. A bit like Formula 1 championship where each team has 2 drivers (denoted by colour). Points are accumulated over the races in the playlist and the wining team will be the team with the highest combined points total at the end of the last race. Just like in a F1 championship.

This is only for serious players! It’s a very long playlist, 9 races (80 mins driving time), with none of the driving aids on. The class selected is the sports. You may choose the most appropriate car for the track in-hand. 

The winning team will be immortalised in the “Pussi Riot Hall of Fame” and will be asked to defend there title at the next race event.

The playlist we are playing will be Raxo’s “around the world in 80 minutes” playlist.

Laguna Seca Remake

Zandvoort Circuit


Monaco Grand Prix

Circuito de Madrid

Okayama Intl. Circuit

Hong Kong City Circuit

Mount Panorama Circuit


The race will take place SATURDAY THE 3rd OF MAY if we have enough interest, the time will be confirmed once we know what time zone the majority of players are in. The exciting teams that finished the last race event get first dibs on the places but if any of you want to enter (that weren’t in the first event), then your first job is to buddy up with another crew member by contacting them on the R* social club or PSN.

You must pick a colour (from the remaining options) and let me know by either: Private message Raxo or me OR  adding to the comments on this post by confirming you and your teammates name plus the colour of your team.


  • Sports Class Only
  • 8 Teams of 2 players – colour to denote

Race Regulations:

  • no catch-up
  • no slip
  • no custom cars

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