Two Nights of Tank Girl Movie Mayhem


Hi all, Thank you so much for the unprecedented response – I got 28 votes in 24 hours which is amazing!! I’m happy to see that there has been a pretty even split between Saturday & Sunday in regards to availability.

So what I’ve decided to do is run the shoot on both nights in order to give you all a chance to get involved. I’m also pleased to say that the majority of you have messaged me to say your flexible to do either night. parked tanksa top tank
So in order for this to work we need there to be a pretty even split of Rioters with Rhino’s for both nights. Therefore can I ask you all to complete the little form I’ve included below. As a side note can I ask that you all get suitably prepared and ‘punked’ up prior to the 8pm GMT meet up time as I found out last night that this can take some time to do and I’d like us to spend the majority of the session generally blowing shit up!!! So lots of tattoos, Mohawk haircuts, crash helmets, crazy make-up or masks please, as I want this vid to be HARDCORE ;P

tg selfie glasses

As usual if you have any questions feel free to get in touch – I’m Scuba.C.Vercetti on Social Club and unfortunately Iwancont on PSN 😦 (It’s a long boring story) Peace Scuba 😉


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