The upcoming golfing events


The Riot Match Play Championship

This will be our first golf event. Played in teams of 2 players. The 16 Team Tournament resembles the “Match Play format” used in a few notable professional golf tournaments. The Championship is a sudden-death, round by round knockout event.

Where 2 teams play head to head over 1 round (9 holes). If its a tie a further 4 holes are played. Then your matched with another winning pair til you are the final team. More details will follow on this, if you want to enter; buddy up with a crew member and add something in the comments. Teams opponents will be drawn at random, and allocated a space in the tournament bracket so you can plan your route to the final. Ideally this event will take place over a weekend.


The Riot Open

This competition is based on the real life Open Championship. The Open is the oldest golf comp around . We are actually using the 1860 format where all golfers play 36 holes (4 x nine hole rounds). This is a single player tournament where players play each round (9 holes) in pairs or quartets.

The winner will be the player with the best score over the 4 rounds (36 holes). If there is a tie, a further 1 round (9 holes) is played with only the players tied for the lead. Ideally this event will take place over a month with each of the 4 rounds happening weekly.


The Pussi Masters

Taking its name and game format from “The US Maters”. This is a single player (rounds played in groups of 4) competition with the format mirroring aspects of the Masters. Such as after 1 round (9 holes), all the players score cards will be tallied up and cut-off score is calculated to reduce the size of the field.

To “make the cut”, players must be either in the top 8 places (ties counting), or within 5 strokes of the leader’s score (or something like that). These players then play a further 9 holes. Should the 2nd round fail to produce a winner. Only the players tied for the lead enter a 3rd round (9 holes). If still no winner is decided, the tied players enter a sudden-death, single hole playoff until a winner is decided. Ideally this event will take place over a month.


The Pussi Ryoter Cup

Yet to be fully planned up. But this will follow the same real life tournament it takes its name from. The Ryder Cup is a team event between the USA and Europe. We plan to do the same thing.We will appoint team captains just like in real life.

The captains will be the 2 players that either won or nearly won in the earlier competitions. These captains will then pick the team. The format will be points based just like the real Ryder cup. Ideally this event will take place over a 2 week period.


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