The RAT update: Captain & Vice Captain search

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HI Rioters,

Fresh from our first Crew vs Crew battle. I am here to announce some changes in the set-up and running of the Riot TDM squad. Currently I am the crew leader with all the RATs on an even ranking. This will be changing and I will leave the RAT crew completely in time, (after the hand over). I intend to hand the running of the RAT over to my new captain who will be supported by their vice captain and these will be your go to peeps for anything RAT related.

The Captain’s responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with other crew leaders/captains
  • Updating the RAT on upcoming CvC battles
  • Organising the RAT members on match day
  • Drafting new members into the RAT
  • Choosing starting line-up and reservists for each battle
  • Informing the RAT & Crew of upcoming battles
  • Submitting a match report on the blog

The Vice Captain’s responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the captain in all there organisational efforts
  • Stepping up to co-ordinate the RAT if the captain is unavailable

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