The RAT Crew V crew Result

First of all I want to thank all the girls from the RAT that turned up, tooled up & got dressed up like some crazy Taiwanese police force. There were some really strong performances over the 3 map battle from all our RAT members…

First I gotta say this was the hardest thing to organise ever! I think having us in different timezones and then having the opposing crew in another time zone it just fried my little brain. By the time the game came (we had lots of trouble getting all 8 players together let alone getting in a lobby with the other crew). Anyway,s by the time the game came we were missing 3 out of the 4 special ops that make up the Fireteam and 3 troopers from the Strike section.

Which meant I had to draft in Hugo and MMH who both performed well beyond their remit. Plus I had to be the 8th man. We all got dressed to impress then tried to get all 16 players together. Once accomplished the battle started…happened and ended, really really quickly. The opposing BPRM crew were very good and caught us out with some good planned and ad-hoc attacks. Well done to them and thanks to their crew for playing with us.

Final Score: 0 – 3

Overall I think we did well, especially on the map we picked (Vespucci Beachfront) losing by a meir 15 kills but then we lost Banksie. The next 2, were not so good with us amassing just over half the opponents score (after the allotted time ended). In the final game we managed just under half their winning total. One thing is to be said though, we looked terrifying if nothing else!

0_0 (1)
Looking forward rather ten back… By the time the next Crew vs Crew is here I hope to have appointed a Captain so I don’t have to play such a vital role as I was a real weak link in the chain (getting shock and blown up all the time) but with a lack of available players and being the focal point for communication with the other crew I ended up playing. I think next time we will be the ones choosing the weapons and rules as there was a lot of RPG action, which I don’t dig. But then if i’m not in charge and we have a captain. It will be there call on the rules & location.

On points of house keeping; I have the 2 emergency draft’s I bought in are staying as we have lost Taco who has pulled out of the Strike section.

New RAT members:

Hugo                 MuhMuhhuh

We need to increase the membership of the RAT so we have a bigger pool to call on when Crew V Crew’s battles are on. This means a further TDM tryouts will happen from NOW til the end of MAY. If you want to join the RAT, make sure you join list playlist in order to showcase your shooting skilz. We still plan set up the Sniper Cell, more news to come on that after the RAT Captain has been appointed. My reps and RAT’s will be starting the TDM playlists so join whenever you see an invite, its a playlist, so if you miss the start of the 1st match the 2nd starts soon afterwards as each round is only five minutes long. Happy easter gals and 420 if you into all that.


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