Made by Pussi Riot

The Pussi Riot Own Creations

Over 300 own created maps by Rioters!!! Thats amazing.

So I come up with the idea of making a Pussi Riot Own Creations Playlist. At this place thanks to all creators who have send me their maps. I know it wasn´t easy for some of you picking just two. So my suggestion is, if you have more jobs you like or if you create a new one, we can make after a while a change.

Do you have also created a job and want them on the Playlist too? Then send me a PM with a link to your two favorite maps.

Here you find the links to the Playlists and also the links to every job in the Playlist, so you can find them easily. Have fun!

I proudly present the Pussi Riot Own Creations:

Playlist Pussi Riot Own Creations #1



The Western Chaos – Land Race

A tricky oval with a pitstop, keep an eye on your opponents, force them to jump while eating a hot dog. Traffic on causes traffic jams, you have been warned! 2.1 miles long.

created by Dutch-Breeze

The Ring of Death – Team Deathmatch

Two teams are funneled down laneways into a makeshift arena.

created by PrincessTaco!

Chiliad – West Face – Bike Race

Downhill Mountain Biking

created by Sam Vercetti

The Riots Clown Chaos – Capture

2 teams battle across a crowded carpark to get to the opposing crew base and steal there money. Ideal for 3v3’s, suited for 8v8’s too. Full of buses, boxes – obstacles plus a crew of crazy clowns stuck in the middle, hell bent on causing havoc. There’s only 1 moneybag per team so once its back its game over. Defence of your base very important. The game is over very quickly when a base is left unguarded. Dont be a clown.

created by backof

Vespucci Vanquish – Team Deathmatch

Color the canals red in this classic gang war styled deathmatch. Each team starts on their own island, but when the first blood has been spilled, expect new blood to pour in from every direction. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

created by Grody-to-the-max

Playlist Pussi Riot Own Creations #2



stab island
Stab Island – Deathmatch

Banishment to Stab Island spells death in cuts and lacerations on your still warm body

created by backof

better late then never
Better late than never – Land Race

Girls night out at Bahama Mamas but you’re running late. You’ve still got to get your hair done, pick up some new shoes and most importantly… some hollow points for the 357 magnum in your purse! What’s a girl to do? Find the fastest car in the city and shake a tail feather

created by blondarus

metro mayhem
Metro Mayhem – Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch in an unfinished metro station. No need to buy a ticket but you may want to bring a torch…

created by muhmuhhuh

Pool Party Cleanup – Capture

The weekend pool parties are over, and the hedonists are unconsious or too wasted to notice your gangs stealing thier valuables from thier homes.

created by pixelpuss1

attack chopper
Buzzard Attack Chopper 1 – Team Deathmatch

Only Buzzard Attack Chopper and your hands

created by SACHMATA

Playlist Pussi Riot Own Creations #3



HUMAN – Labds and Research – Team Deathmatch

Just another concern like Monsanto – Co. Let us blow them up… TDM inside the Human Labors.

created by BinchenChaos

Okayama Intl. Circuit – Land Race

A recreation of the real Okayama International Circuit. Except this version takes place on the streets. Nothing kawaii about this track, the corners are exceptionally hard to take.

created by Grody-to-the-max

003 reeds and mud
003 Reeds and mud – Team Deathmatch

Survival in the reeds.Mellee.

created by SACHMATA

flyover bikepark
Flyover Bikepark – Stunt biking

This is not a battle just learn tricks and have fun!

created by RandallKLahey

TT – Isle of Man – Bike Race

A long and dangerous ‘Point to Point’ inspired by the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man. BATI 801 or CUSTOM BIKE ONLY

created by Sam Vercetti

Playlist Pussi Riot Own Creations #4



a view to kill
A View Too Kill – Team Deathmatch

You better have brung your A-Game in this deathmatch or else your gonna want too quit. Watch out Princess!

created by PrincessTaco

Forbidden Love – Capture

Love and heartache can be a terrible thing even in Los Santos. Steal a number of vehicles from this list of unfotunate Romeo – Juliet wanabees. Pfft, romance! GET A ROOM!

created by pixelpuss1

gta moped
Crazy GTA Moped Race #2

Short but certain deadly race!

created by BinchenChaos

air trash
— Air –T–rash-II- — – Land Race

Air Trash, this time not in a -T- shape … Four ramps and two crossings, lets see whats happens. Like part I, the more participants and rounds the better …… 0.67 miles long.

created by Dutch-Breeze

elysion island
Elysian Island Circuit – Land Race

A trip around Elysian Island. Long straights, tight corners and elevation changes.

created by muhmuhhuh


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