GTA Online PUSSI RIOT Fanart


Hi Everyone!
First, I have to excuse for my english, its not my main language (unfortunately)
Second, I draw this pic for our lovely crew… Im not good at backgrounds, so I just redraw the background from one of my favorite wallpaper of the GTAV. Sorry for that, may be ill try to make my own background later…

But this chicks is fully my own characters (I used some logos from GTAV and weapons, but wait, this is FANART! xD )

I began from pencil drafts (draw them then I was in game lobby xD )

Then scaned them into my computer and started to make lineart in my OLD photoshop CS2… Yes, i’m very poor guy like it has to be (good artists have to be hungry!)

And then I coloured them one by one… It took much time, because I have some work and have not much time…

This is Girls in colour without background (not full sized, they are very large ~ 3500×2200)
Pics are clickable



12 thoughts on “GTA Online PUSSI RIOT Fanart

  1. Awesome work. I’m so impressed with how many talented people wehave in this crew. This has really blown me away 🙂

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