April Crew Party Poll Results


Not long until the party now rioters! After missing last months I am dead keen on coming to this one and making it a massive success in it’s new larger format.

The evenings mode of transport was to be decided by you gals in the poll on the previous party post. An amazing 52% of you voted for motorbikes!  This means the party will be a 2 wheel affair! Get your Dinka’s and Pegassi’s prepped and primed for some street racing the Tokyo underground race scene would be proud of(of course if you have a Chopper or Sanchez that is welcome too, Binchen maybe even bring their moped).

Now is the time we could really do with some leathers as so many of our lovely crew are going to get de-gloved on friday night (if you don’t know what “de-gloved” is, I recommend NOT googling it). Come on rockstar give us all the outfits available in the story line game and that the NPC’s have ASAP!!! Anyways back to the party…

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 23.07.47

The whole 4 hours will be races and 15v1 man hunts with my reps initiating our “crew created playlist” as soon as the lobby maxes out at 16 players. This way we can have an unlimited amount of players join in. Well as long as I can clear a space in the lobby for the returning players from the playlists, we should not have a problem! We should be able to have a rolling number of 50 or so crew members and still be able to handle it.


We will be running a number of playlist and sandbox type games all evening and the 3 featured playlist that won the poll are:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 23.08.32

We will run these intermittently across all 4 hours. I have also created some Sandbox games for us to play with. These are not deathmatches although the game says they are! They are in fact just a playground for us to have unlimited fun as there will be no cops and lots of toys to play with. We currently have: Beach BMX’ing, Stunt planes acrobatics, Mountain biking up Chilliad,  and 3 Triathlons (gta races) that I have placed in a playlist and called “The Pussi Riot Triathlon Cup”. We will run this at least once with the winner afforded a place in the “Pussi Riot Hall of Fame”. We will also play sami’s TT track at least once over the 4 hours as its dead fun and fits with our theme.

The party culminates with the crew favourite; “attack the army base” starting at the end of hour 4 and lasting as long as you gals want to create carnage. Hopefully we should be down to a manageable number by then as it will be pretty late in the Uk and Europe. Again the main goal is to completely subdue the military and rule the base if it was our own.

Like always it will start at 20:30 GMT on friday. Please bare in mind that if you are in the UK we are currently on BST (british summer time) which is GMT +1. I will create a closed crew session a bit before start time and we can lark about til start time…

See ya there!



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