Background of me :)

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Hello Crew members

I am going to tell you a bit about my character in GTA V. She is 21 and called Katie. She  works as a banker in the center of the City. She went to college but didn’t really fit in and soon she went off the rails. She started to drink a lot and turned to crime. One day she nearly killed herself due to too much drink and it was then she thought “What am I doing????” So, from that moment she turned her life around and started to work. She started from the bottom and worked her way up to being a banker.

There are no connections with the previous GTA games because to be honest, GTA V is the best and the game i most play. I Like to create races and I will start doing death matches for you guys to enjoy 🙂 .  I Have the best apartment in the game with some really cool cars 🙂 I hope i haven’t bored you guys to much? If there is anything else you would like to know message me.


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