PS3 April crew party – review

Blondie street

Evolution not revolution

The Boss can never be accused of resting on their laurels. Tight, shapely ass… yes. Laurels… no! Since we started running our monthly get together, they’ve always tried to look at how it can continue to be improved and built upon. Last month both Backof and Randy missed out on the event and it was left to myself and my two glamorous assistants Star and Scuba, to run the show. You can read how that went in last months summary, but what was clear was that the events had outgrown the original sixteen person private lobby format. Although, I spent literally the whole duration ensuring the lobby remained full, the simple fact was that there were more Rioters trying to get in than we had spots. Try as I might, I simply couldn’t invite everyone.

When Backof and I did our morning after dissection (over a few bottles of champagne of course), we began scratching our heads as to how we could get more and more rioters involved. The most obvious option was for us to run multiple lobbys that would run independent of each other, however the Boss being the smart cookie that they are had a more ambitious idea, which we did a dry run of on the night.Riot bikers

The idea was a stroke of twisted genius really but also deceptively simple. The mad old creature would run an entrance lobby that they would allow to fill to capacity. Once it was full, a Lt or rep would then launch one of the playlists you voted for and in the process invite everyone in the lobby. This would then empty the lobby allowing Backof to refill it and begin the process again. While the entrance was filling, manhunts and impromptu racing was the name of the day, so nobody got bored, confused or disoriented by all the explosions and pretty looking cars. That was the theory. However as Backof will explain later, it may not of necessarily panned out that way.

I can only speak for myself and the group of Rioters who were lucky to have me as their ‘party co-ordinator’ on the night, but for me it seemed to work pretty well. We played through all the playlists, sand pits and activities that had been voted for and I even threw in a few extra that seemed to fit the theme of the night (Binchen’s moped GTA playlist was a real hoot).

destruction derby


We’ve already started speaking about how we’re gonna run next months event and hopefully it’ll be another one for you gals to savour. We’ve already identified areas where we need to make changes, things that need tweaking and things that could really have been done better. I’ve got to give props to my gal, Scuba C Vercetti for giving me some really awesome and candid feedback on their experiences from the night. Not only did they highlight things I’d not seen while off with my group but they also offered some really good ideas that should really help things run a lot smoother next time.

I think the thing to appreciate with this is, that we are learning as we go. Each month our confirmed attendees list gets longer and each month we do our best to incorporate as many people as we can. With each we don’t know how well things are going to work out until the party is already in progress, but what we are doing is always trying to give you the best experience we can. We’ll continue to strive to provide that and I think with a few more adjustments this new party format could be our best option.

Thank you for continuing to attend these events. This crew is nothing without you gals.



a.ka. ‘The Commish’

Bikes mountain

Boss comment:

From my view the party seemed to be a success although I was initially bummed out as I didn’t get to play all the cool games everyone else got to take part in. But once I slept on it and spoke to the reps, Lt’s and Blondie the following day I felt much more upbeat about the whole thing.

We had all the normal issues that beset every party such as disconnections, freezes and lack of space (at times) but we got through it. It was a little embarrassing when the target, during the manhunts, lost connection leaving us with no one to hunt and the sporadic gun battles that broke out with the popo or army.

There was also a few times when I had to pass my pad to my housemate as they were looking awfully left out. Which then meant to lobby’s participants diligently followed my avatars temporarily insanity by shooting up everything in sight. Kudos for all your commitment.

There were also other times when the majority of the lobby would leave on a playlist leaving me almost alone 😦 I am sure though, that with better planning and appointed party co-ordinators the running of the night could be a lot smoother. We will get better with time, as its all a learning experience. Thanks everyone for attending! I think we saw 40-50 players across the whole 4 plus hours.

We have already started planning the next event and improving on this 1st attempt. It looks like we will be appointing specify “party reps” for the evenings entertainment plus a number of other tweeks.

I would like to get your feedback though, well the ones that took part anyway. If you could leave your responses in the comments below. If the poll doesn’t sum up your thoughts entirely. The ideas is to pick 3 of the choices below. This should give me a reflection of crews feelings…



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