Race briefing for 3rd of May Race Event


(if you are in the UK, GMT is -1, as we [UK] are on BST now)

20:30 GMT 

Please meet with your team mate before entering the closed crew lobby.  Here we will await all participants to arrive. Then the playlist will start.

Race briefing:

Please have the R* crew page open and post any questions on that while we are in the race playlist. If you don’t have a team mate you can not race. I suggest buddying up and practising a together before the event on saturday. Each race length will be  minimum of 12 miles, this means each race will be a different amount of laps:

  1. Laguna Seca Remake – 1.42miles – 8 LAPS
  2. Zandvoort Circuit: 3.35 miles – 4 LAPS
  3. Nurburgring: 6.48 miles – 2 LAPS
  4. Monaco Grand Prix GTA: 4.17 miles – 3 LAPS
  5. Circuito de Madrid: 1.76 miles – 8 LAPS
  6. Okayama Intl. Circuit: 3.42 miles – 4 LAPS
  7. Hong Kong City Circuit: 2.32 miles – 5 LAPS
  8. Mount Panorama Circuit: 3.80 miles – 4 LAPS
  9. Homestretch: 2.42miles

We will be using the scoring points the playlist enables. at the end of the playlist just add your and your team mates scores and add them to the crew feed. The winning team willl be the team with the most combined points.

So far we have:


3 thoughts on “Race briefing for 3rd of May Race Event

    • No customs cars. Not everyone has all the upgrades unlocked. It would give the more experienced drivers an advantage over the less experienced drivers.

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