The story continues…

I was sooo happy and thankful for being a part of this amazing crew, a part of a great big family.The Boss, Blondie, Hurri and me…we were driving through Los Santos and Blaine County day after day, from sunrise till sunset…

We did jobs together to pay our rents and the poor mechanic :-). They showed me all the possibilities of Los Santos but the important thing is, they showed me the meaning of the word “FAMILY”. I remembered back and thought of CJ and the grove street and from then on I knew that it is exactly what I always wanted …

Then one day I met her. It was a day like any other. I woke up, ate breakfast while looking out the window and thought to myself “today is a good day for shopping.” (because women always think that) So I went to Binco and on the way back, I saw this car on the roadside with the lettering Pussi Riot …

I heard shots fired, so I got out of my car and raced the girl they were firing at. It was then that I saw the men who were trying to kill her, but those who know her knows that exactly the opposite happened. One by one, they fell to the ground before I could even try to help her.

We got to know each other better and I knew from that first day when we met that she was my idol! She is loyal, respectful, she is always there for everyone when you need help and she is merciless in relation to men. I always wanted to be like her.

Thank you for beeing so incredibly awesome Randy 🙂

2 thoughts on “The story continues…

  1. Once, I never would have thought I could make friends in some video game, and might have laughed at anyone who said otherwise. But that’s changed and now I know better. Star by name Star by nature; youre brave, smart, fun, honourable, a good leader and look great in purple. We may never meet, but Im proud to call you my comrade and my friend. The same is true for all the Pusses. Except for the part about purple. only SD can rock that.

  2. Totally agree with Rands. The number of peeps I’m now friends with simply by playing this game online is kinda mind boggling. The ironic part being, had I never been invited in to Pussi Riot, I would probably not have bothered with the online mode!! Now, I literally never play story mode, cos I’m so eager to get on and play with my online homies : )

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