Crew who have failed 3 spot checks in a row…

ok, chances are you will not have ever seen any of these guys online… They are really close to getting kicked as I cant see the point of them being in the riot if they do not engage or play with the rest of us…

BeautyJohannah, clara2156, deadlyracer24, eleganzaf, fozziekayla, golozaa69, goofyphineasandf,inid800 , jennyozo, Joyce28, Judyzx, kayla_lamatadora, kencans, KiNG_SaLaZaR1, Kristal69, KrisyLady, KruciaL25, Kryptonite07, labelladon, Ladyyx101, laiimis,  leahgboro, lTrvthl, maria_dopexxxx3, MariaV916, MistaPimp, mit636, MogTheMoogle, Motakck, mudzy94, myoskma, NANOR12345, Necra13, nette01, nocturnized, nubianBQU,OW3SLA, pepearljam171213, pinkgrlx, pooshan123, PopeOfMars, prissi_kiss_meee, RanQue, RelentlessEric, RNDMPINKIEPIE64, Sir_Legendhead, sadest23, Swagmaster69er, Slave_Girl_87, sliqster2000, Thimo.Friend, Twilight123, tjl989, TrevorB49, wholedistance, xMobiuSv2, Xtina93

What do you think? Do they deserve to be in the riot even though they do not use us as there crew at all?

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