Race results of the Raxo champaionship

Well done to everyone that took part! It was another great evenings entrainment. Thank you everyone that turn up, race hard and crashed good.  Here are the top 3 results:


Now we are starting to see a bit of a monopoly here. 2 race events, 2 event wins for the yellow team. That is very impressive. My red team came in second, and if it wasn’t for the 1st race which Allecks missing or my 14 place on of the races we may well have beaten team yellow.

Raxo was the main driver in the 3rd place team (green), Raxo (aka grody) clocked 95% of the team points and with a more competitive team mate they would have won the nights event. Here is the final standings although these are yet to be confirmed as Alexona and Molly both lost there points when disconnected. Although I do not think this would have effected the top 3, I would have changed the bottom half of the table.


yellow 148,
red: 128,
green: 127,
purple: 88,
orange : 27,
silver: 23,
blue: 17


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